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Funky And Fun Mini Garden Canned Plants

I have a love for funky, fun and unique xingchun mini garden canned plants. Here’s one to try. It’s called Sea Holly, and it’s actually in the thistle family. Sea Holly is a perennial mini garden canned plant, which means you plant it once and it comes up year after year, somewhat depending on your climate. This mini garden canned plant never did fail to bring attention and comments from people seeing my garden. It grows about 3-4 feet high, very branchy and the branches are a brilliant electric blue color. It’s stunning!

The only drawback to this lovely mini garden canned plant, in the fall you must cut it to the ground and burn or compost the plant. Do not let it go longer than that, or it will be casting seeds and you’ll soon discover its family trait of being a thistle, if you know what I mean. The following spring, it’ll come back again to its beauty.
It is an easy mini garden canned plant to grow and does best with full sun, or as much sun as is available to you. I live in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A. so we get a lot of rain and fairly mild summers and yet it seems to be enough for this plant. You can search for Sea Holly seeds in seed catalogs or sometimes you can find it in some nurseries. An internet search would surely find you a source for this lovely mini garden canned plant. I thought I’d let you know about one of the coolest, funky mini garden canned plants for outdoors I’ve ever run across. It’s called Evening Scented Stock, it is not the common stock, however.

This is an annual mini garden canned plant, which needs to be sown early spring, directly into the … Read the rest